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『 the distractions of ♔ Nephilim 』

because you're the sun that burns, that's why I'm living..

CYENZ ~ 「 シンティア フランシズカ 」
24 May 1990
s u n . m o o n . s t a r . s k y . e a r t h .
~i wish that we could aim the sun again . i know we could dream for tomorrow~

Dear SAGA,

Because you're the sun that burns, that's why I'm living..
I will not regret, no matter what might happen from now on..
I will not regret, no matter what you wish, what you hope..

In the blue planet..


I have lost sight of light–
that was you I found at last.
I never give up.
I have your name–your beautiful name.
~sunlight moonlight you lit my life realize in the night . while love shines bright~

nickname : cyenz, misscyenz
real name : cynthia fransiska stevehley
birthdate : 1990, may 24
sex : female
location : bdg - jkt . indonesia
colors : black, purple, silver
music : j-rock, angura kei, oshare kei, metal symphonic, visual kei, j-pop, k-pop, classic


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plurk : http://www.plurk.com/misscyenz
twitter : http://twitter.com/misscyenz
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~this past without you . can’t forget YOU~

~anytime . anywhere . i think about YOU..~
~the spreading sky, the freedom . although neither of them has changed~


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Gonna make you SWEET..
Gonna make you GROOVE..

~everyone lives, carrying his own worry . desperately holding his broken heart~

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